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Nephilim Heros of Old In The Marvelverse - Spiritual Warfare Friday LIVE: 9pm est

The Dan Bidondi Show - Spiritual Warfare Friday: LIVE 9pm est

Nephilim Heros of Old In The Marvelverse

Hosts: Dan Bidondi, Brian Reece with Special Co-Host: Trey Harris Nephilim are mysterious beings who are described as being large and strong. The word Nephilim is loosely translated as giants in most translations of the Hebrew Bible, but left untranslated in others. Some Jewish explanations interpret them as hybrid sons fallen angels and human women. The main reference to them is in Genesis 6:1–4, but they are also mentioned in other books such as Numbers, Ezekiel. Marvel Super Heroes are fictional characters from the Marvel Comics line who have superhuman abilities or use advanced technology to fight evil. They are often based on mythological or historical figures, such as Thor, Hercules, or Captain America. Marvel Super Heroes have appeared in various media, such as comic books, video games, movies, and TV shows. Some of the most popular Marvel Super Heroes include Spider-Man, Iron Man, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and the Avengers Nephilim and Marvel Super Heroes have some similarities and differences. Both are extraordinary beings who have great physical power and influence. Both are also involved in epic battles between good and evil. However, Nephilim are usually portrayed as villains or enemies of God's people, while Marvel Super Heroes are usually portrayed as heroes or allies of humanity. Nephilim are also more ancient and mysterious than Marvel Super Heroes, who are more modern and relatable. Join us for a discussion on the topic of what these Films are showing and the Deception they are causing to the masses. #nephilim#fallenangels#spiritualwarfare#marvelcomics#bible#ancienthistory#giants

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