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Upcoming Shows, Latest News & More

Spiritual Warfare Friday LIVE: 9pm est

The Battle for The Body of Moses

Hosts: Dan Bidondi & Brian Reece

Why did Satan want the body of Moses that he would even battle Michael the Arch Angel for it? We will also talk about the transfiguration of Jesus to speak to Moses and Elijah. Also be talking about the differences between Heaven, The Lake of Fire, Paradise and Hell.

The Dan Bidondi Show - Spiritual Warfare Wednesday Live 8pm est

Principalities of The Great Destruction & Deception

Host Dan Bidondi

Principalities also known as The Fallen Ones (fallen angels) that laid masssive destruction upon mankind and the Earth which caused God to send the deludge and their return to bring about a great "Alien" deception before the coming of Jesus.

The Dan Bidondi Show - Spiritual Warfare Friday Live: 8pm est

Bigfoot, Cryptic Creatures & The Nephilim Among Us

Special Guest: Scott Carpenter joins Hosts Dan Bidondi & Brian Reece Scott will be discussing how these"folklores" and "mythical" creatures are actually real and walk among us, all that and more.



Spiritual Warfare Friday
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