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The Dan Bidondi Show - Spiritual Warfare Friday Is Jesus Lucifer? Gods of The Morning Star

Is Lucifer really Jesus? Many claim that they are one in the same, from pop culture news, to mega viral internet vidoes and even some Bible scholars and others claiming that both Jesus and Lucifer are the same person being "they both are called the Morning Star". Could we have been decieved this whole time, or is this mega viral theory a lie?

Hosts Dan Bidondi, Brian Reece and Guest Trey Harris host of Course Correction Radio will dive deep into scripture, ancient text and the occult to put this great debate to rest once and for all to determine if Lucifer and Jesus really are the same being.

The Dan Bidondi Show - Spiritual Warfare Wednesday LIVE: 8pm est/7pm cst

There Were Giants In The Earth In Them Days and Also After That

Dan Bidondi & Brian Reece present hard historical, Biblical and ancient proof of a race of giants that existed on Earth and even till this day. Giants also known as the nephilim, the sons of the watchers, sons of the Anunnaki, demons, bastard sons of the Fallen Angels.

Lucifer is Jesus - DEBUNKED

The Dan Bidondi Show - Premiers Thursday 6pm est

In debth comprehensive Bible study and spiritual warfare prove that Jesus and Lucifer are two entirely different beings.



Spiritual Warfare Friday
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