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The Nightly News w/Dan Bidondi
Coronavirus The Chinese Holocaust of Agenda 21, Gun Rights Groups Score Major Victories, News & More

Friday February 21st, 2020 edition

-Coronavirus News
-2nd Amendment News
-Pete Buttigieg debunked about Bible supporting abortion 

The Nightly News w/Dan Bidondi
Gun Rights Victory in Virginia, Will China's Crashing Economy Affect The Global Market? News & More.

Jon Bowne's Fluoride Report:


The Dan Bidondi Show: Was J...

February 18, 2020

The Dan Bidondi Show Presents
Was Jesus & Christianity A Rip-Off of Other Deities & Religions? The Hard Truth Exposed!

Was Zeitgeist Right?

Dan Bidondi for TruthRadioShow.com

The Nightly News w/Dan Bidondi Feb 17th, 2020 edition

China Hiding Truth Of Covid-19 From World, Bloomberg Protested Nationwide, News & More

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Dan Bidondi confronts Michael Bloomberg

The Nightly News w/Dan Bidondi
 Manufactured Racism To Divide America, Covid-19 Killing Thousands, News & More

A call for unity, not divide!

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The Nightly News w/Dan Bidondi and the Dan Bidondi Show ar...

The Nightly News w/Dan Bidondi  -   Airs Mon-Wed-Fri at 6pm est
Unreported Coronavirus Truth, Deaths & Quarantine-Virginia Bans Assault Rifles, News & More

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The Nightly News w/Dan Bidondi & The Dan Bidond...

The Nightly News w/Dan Bidondi
Gun Rights Takes Center Stage Nationally, Gov. Challenges Coronavirus as A Bio-weapon, Other News & More

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  Airs Monday, February 10th, 2020 at 6pm est - replay on demand

The Ni...

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Debunking Morgue The Satanist's Lies About God:

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February 5, 2020

Dan Bidondi from TruthRadioShow and Will Turbitt from Demand The Truth confront Democratic Presidential Candidate Michael Bloomberg on  being in Epstein’s black book and his relentless attack on our 2nd Amendment rights!

Will Turbitt: https://www.youtube.com/channel...

Thunberg nominated for Nobel Peace Prize, Bloomberg continues assault against liberty, Canada attempting to take control of free press, the Coronavirus spreading like wildfire, China Quarantines 4 more cities with 21 more million people and more.

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