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Site Updated As Of: 10-23-2023

Upcoming Shows, Latest News & More

Spiritual Warfare Friday: LIVE 9pm et

Vanished Without A Trace, The UFO & Government Connection

Hosts Dan Bidondi & Brian Reece expose the sudden vanishing and disappearance of people, entire ships, planes and more. Why is this being covered up by the U.S. Government? Could UFO's or perhaps even the Government be connected to these sudden disappearances? Presents - Spiritual Warfare Friday : LIVE 9pm et

Exposing The Dark Weapon of Sleep Paralysis

Hosts Dan Bidondi & Brian Reece interview Author: Vicki Joy Anderson on her latest book 'They Only Come Out at Night'. A book exposing the dark weapon of sleep paralysis. Spiritual, extraterrestrial & demonic attacks while people are asleep are more common than you thought. Millions of people world-wide suffer or have suffered from different levels of sleep paralysis. While modern day Doctors simply dismiss it as "Sleep Paralysis". Could there be much more to this spiritual or extraterrestrial than what modern psychologists want to admit?

Vicki Joy Anderson: Buy her book here:


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Spiritual Warfare Friday Live 9pm et

Evil Harvest Alien Abduction

Hosts: Dan Bidondi & Brian Reece interview Author Karin Wilkinson who was abducted by aliens.

Her book: 'Stolen Seed, Evil Harvest' is a true account of lifelong alien abduction & the evil alien agenda. Her book details non-human alien entities intervening with humans, their attempt to corrupt human bloodlines and a warning about their nefarious plans.

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Spiritual Warfare Friday
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