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Spiritual Warfare Friday LIVE 10pm est WATCH PARTY Black Eyed People & B.E.K.'s - Windows To The Demonic Abyss

Hosts: Dan Bidondi & Brian Reece to reveal the truth about demonic possessed black eyed people that walk among us in plain site. Also touch on the many sightings of B.E.K.'s (Black Eyed Kids) appearing in the middle of the night to strangers. What are they? Where do they come from? Why are they here? What does the Bible have to say about them? Where are they? We will expose all that and more and hope to answer these questions and also prove these encounters are not "Folklore" and are real encounters. Dan, Brian and Corey will also tell their testimonies on their encounters with these black eyed people. A deep comprehensive study exposing what many "so-called" experts are to afraid to talk about and falsely dismiss as a urban legend or folklore.

The Dan Bidondi Show - News Blacklisted By Mainstream Media

Who Blew Up Nord Pipeline? R.I. Governor Candidates Exposed, Hurricane Ian To Hit Florida & News

Th e Dan Bidondi Show - News Blacklisted By Mainstream Media

Russia Preparing To Use Nukes, World Digital Currency & ID Are Coming, Bloody Chicago Weekend & News



Spiritual Warfare Friday
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